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I tried creating a view for a list which has a date column in it. I wanted to group by the date column which is basically a DateTime type of column.

But once I finished creating the view I encountered an error <Render Failed> where the items should be displayed in the webpart.

Even though i didn’t  found any solution for that there is a workaround. I found that, in group by options I have selected “Collapsed” by default. Changing that to “Expanded” does it all.

PS : If you have found a solution for this, please do post it in the comments space.


SSRS Reports Errors and Resolutions

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Errors, SSRS

Find the link below for SSRS reports errors and their respective solutions.

Your personal site cannot be created because a site already exists. Contact your site administrator for more information.”

You will face this error when you try to create your personal site using My Site option in SharePoint.

The reason is

  • Consider the ID/Alias of the user trying to xxx.
  • There will be a site already created with the same id/alias as that of the current user. (Ex – http:\\server\personal\xxx in our case)
  • So just delete the site by going to Application Management-> Delete site collection.
  • The above solution will work in case there is some discrepancy in the alias/display name.
  • But this condition may also arise if you have multiple domain users accessing your portal (domain1\xxx and domain2\xxx). Such case the display name of any of the user have to be changed.

Hope it helps.. 🙂