People Picker to show only users from site collection permissions

Normally, the SharePoint People Picker shows all the users from the Active directory, local users etc whose profiles are imported. But in some case we need to restrict the users to select only a group of people. For example, what if i don't want the AD users to be displayed in the people picker. There... Continue Reading →


Adding values to SharePoint People Editor using code

I was working with the People Editor Control and realized there are a couple weird things you need to do before you can read values into the control and save values into a list.  Here is a samples related to saving multiple/single user details into a people or groups column in a list. SPFieldUserValueCollection UserCollection... Continue Reading →

Required Field Validator for SharePoint People Editor

I used SharePoint People Editor control in custom asp.Net web part.I wanted to check for required field. I have tried using the property Allow Empty, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I have used a Required field validator. Luckily it works to some extent. But the problem starts if there is any post back happening on... Continue Reading →

Adding value to PeoplePicker using code

If you are using a people picker control of sharepoint in your web page or if you want to update a People and group column of a list item, you cant update the item by using a string value (in my case loginUser). string loginUser= Convert.ToString(ViewState["accountname"]); item["To"] = loginUser; Item.Update(); This above code will throw... Continue Reading →

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