Customizing SharePoint alert emails using IAlertNotifyHandler

Please note this is a post by Albert Meerscheidt in msdn blogs.  I am copying this as is just not to miss this wonderful post in future. Problem: There are issues with particular field names like ItemName which will be truncated in an alert email at 70 characters. There can also be situations where you want... Continue Reading →


Summing calculated columns in group by in Sharepoint list + Dataview webpart

When ever we create a view for a list there will be a section called Totals. We can use this section to calculate & display the total of the items in the list. This will be useful to display totals particularly when you use group-by.If you notice, you will be seeing some column names with... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wall – Good Use of Calendar Control in Sharepoint

An interesting development. On clicking on the empty brick,a new form opens as a pop-up where he/she can fill the wishes. Once filled the wish with name appears on the brick. After all the bricks are completely filled next button will appear taking you to next wall. On mouse over the message details are shown... Continue Reading →

Required Field Validator for SharePoint People Editor

I used SharePoint People Editor control in custom asp.Net web part.I wanted to check for required field. I have tried using the property Allow Empty, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I have used a Required field validator. Luckily it works to some extent. But the problem starts if there is any post back happening on... Continue Reading →

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