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Last week, I came across a requirement to create different sets of charts, which will act as a BI reports for the end user. But unfortunately client is not willing to go for a server side code. We were wondered whether it is viable to achieve that complex level charts & graphs. Then I got introduced to the fusion charts, and you don’t believe, the features it provides are awesome…

The plugins they provide just requires an XML input from where the graph values are plotted. And it automatically creates a graph for you. Simple or a complex graph/chart, you just need to create a XML that it requires. Remembering, I have spent hours on creating a simple reports in SSRS..

Writing a simple jquery code to get the data from SharePoint list & creating an XML out of it can be done in minutes. And along with that code, 3 to 4 lines of code to add the chart, I am done with an impressive chart. And don’t forget it’s too fast.

Not only supporting asp, it works with most of the web scripts like PHP, ASP, RoR, JSP etc. You can download the plugins & get more insights here .


Have you ever tried to hide the columns that are empty in a display form or Edit form. you don’t need to develop a custom page for this. A simple jQuery will do. Here is the code.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/Chanakya/Scripts/jquery-1.3.2.min.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
// Trim off all white spaces
var val = $(this).text().replace(/\s|\xA0/g,”);
// Check the string length – if it’s 0 hide the field

You can get the JQuery library file from here

JQuery Slider – Links

Posted: January 6, 2010 in JQuery, Links

Jquery sliders code download with demo.

CSS Globe


Slide show using JQuery

Posted: August 7, 2009 in JQuery

Great post on slide show using jquery for sharepoint  Check here..