Not able to set Alerts for some views in SharePoint list

Alerts – a simple notification mechanism supported by all the share point lists & Libraries. And one special thing is that we can set alerts for different views of the system. It acts only on the columns of that particular view. This can be done by selecting the appropriate view while setting the alert. That’s great!

One of the business user raised an issue that he is not able to set alerts for some of the views of the list.

If you see the screen shot above there are 7 different views created for the list.

If you notice here, the user was not able to select some views while setting the alerts. The dropdown shows only two views. Where the other views gone??

Digging more into it, I found out that, in the views that were not appearing in the alert dropdown, there was filtering done based on the workflow columns.

Conclusion : “Alerts will not work for the views if there is a filtering based on System Generated / Calculated columns


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  1. Have you found a way around this. I think I am going to test creating the alert without the calc and then modify the view to include the calc and see what happens.

  2. Hi Guys,
    In SP2010 I have the Document library configured to send me an e-mail when anything changes. After creating an alert I receive an e-mail letting me know that I have successfully.created an alert for Document library

    When someone makes a change to a document or adds a new item to the Document

    I do not receive any notification via e-mail.

    It appears that Sharepoint is not generating any e-mail for document that change.

    I have created another web application, There working fine the alert email mechanism.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue.


    1. Normally it is a timer job issue. The email stating that you are subscribed happens there and then. Not triggered by a job. The actual alert runs under a timer job. It could be that the web app in question needs to have the job re-run manually.
      some times it is a weird glitch in the matrix. Try enabling incoming emal and disabling it.

  3. I have a similiar question (sorry if replying in the wrong post) – Once an alert is set on a specific view, then that view is changed will alerts continue to generate based on the new view settings? I’m an end user and have limited ability to test/review logs, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Thanks greatly. I searched high and low to find why my view didn’t appear.
    Switching my filter from “Event Type is equal to 2” to “Description begins with A transport-level error Or Desciption begins with Could not connect Or … etc. fixed it.

  5. Customer requires a report for survey showing the details EmployeeNumber,EmaiID,Date

    Reminder date column will increase based on the no of reminders sent by sharepoint.

    In other words how to fetch the alerts that are sent to users for a survey. I am using sharepoint 2010

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