You can connect an existing SharePoint team site to new office 365 groups that you are creating

Whenever you create a new office 365 group, at the back end there is an associated SharePoint team site that is created automatically. You cannot control this process either to avoid creation of a new site or changing the site or point to an exisiting site till date. This created a havoc in a way... Continue Reading →


What is traffic decoration and how you can use it to best avoid throttling in SharePoint online

SharePoint online uses throttling at different levels to ensure reliability & meet performance requirements the SharePoint online service. Throttling is a means by which any over use of resources is disallowed by SharePoint whenever a script or code gets executes. As the infrastructure for the Office365 is maintained by Microsoft this becomes inevitable to ensure... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Hub Sites Release date

SharePoint Hub Sites allows you to associate multiple team sites & communication sites together to bring it in a single view. Hub sites can also aggregate content from the its associated sites like aggregating news/events. Microsoft has released an official message about the release of Hub sites in SharePoint online/O365 on March 8, 2018. We... Continue Reading →

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