Copying/Moving SharePoint 2010 Designer Workflows

Most often, we required moving or copying a workflow that is created using SharePoint designer between sites or site collections. This was straight forward in SharePoint Designer 2007. You just need to copy the content of the workflow's config(workflow.xoml.wfconfig.xml) file and the rules file & replaced the list GUID's. But in SharePoint Designer 2010, there... Continue Reading →


An error occurred processing the data view. The XslText property is empty.

Ever wondered why you get this message when you insert a DataView in a page using SharePoint Designer?? Everything seems fine while you see the design mode of the page in the designer, but shows the text message in the page as An error occurred processing the data view. The XslText property is empty. The... Continue Reading →

Access Denied while creating a workflow in SharePoint designer – Permission issue

Sometimes while creating a workflow using a SharePoint Designer you may encounter the error Access Denied even if the user is having Full Control for the site. First thing you should check is, whether you are having permissions on the list to which you are attaching the workflow. If you face the problem even after... Continue Reading →

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