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If you want to create a new site same as an existing site ( Template only or the site as a whole along with the contents of the site) you can make use of the site templates. To do so, go to

  • Site Actions -> Site Settings
  • Under Look and Feel select Save site as template
  • Save the site template by entering the details.
  • Now you can find this template file in Site templates list under Galleries menu in site settings.

To create a site using this template

  • Select Sites and Work spaces under Site Administration
  • Click create. This will open a form to create a new site.
  • In the template section select custom tab.
  • This will display your custom template which is saved in the site template gallery.
  • Save the appropriate template and create your site.

The above procedure will work if you want to create a sub site under a main site. But if you want to create a parent site in central admin which will use a site template, we have to install the site template. In this case follow these steps.

  • After saving site as template, go to site template gallery and store the template in a local file system.
  • Use the following stsadm command to install the template. stsadm.exe -o addtemplate -filename filename -title “friendly name” -description “description”.
  • Now follow the normal steps of creating a site where in template selection select the custom tab and the template that you installed.

Error in Adding Attachments

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Errors

When ever you hide a column(the column that is linked to item) in newform.aspx using sharepoint designer and you try to upload a document in the same form , this will not happen. This will give a java script error.
So in such cases dont remove the column using the sharepoint designer. Instead hide the column by using the concept of content types.
To do so Check this..

Item level Permissions

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Permissions

For a list, we can specify which items users can read (only his own/ all items) and same way we can specify which items users can edit. Follow the steps to do this.
Open the list for which you need to do the settings.

  • Go to Settings->Advanced Settings.
  • In Item-level Permissions column select the requires permission levels in Read access and Edit access

Customized Permission Level

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Permissions

In some cases you need a permission level like the user needs to add an Item but cannot edit or delete an Item. In this case you cannot use neither contribute (which will give permission to edit/delete) or Read permission level (which will not give permission to add even). So in such case you need to create a customized permission level.

This can be done as follows.

  • Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings ->Advanced Permissions
  • In this list select Settings -> Permission Levels. Here you can see all the permission levels available for the current site.
  • Click Add a Permisssion Level.
  • Now create your own customized permission by selecting the various permissions displayed there.
  • Now when ever you create a group or a user in the permissons column, you will be able to see the permission level you created.