Using Site as a template in central admin for a site collection

If you want to create a new site same as an existing site ( Template only or the site as a whole along with the contents of the site) you can make use of the site templates. To do so, go to

  • Site Actions -> Site Settings
  • Under Look and Feel select Save site as template
  • Save the site template by entering the details.
  • Now you can find this template file in Site templates list under Galleries menu in site settings.

To create a site using this template

  • Select Sites and Work spaces under Site Administration
  • Click create. This will open a form to create a new site.
  • In the template section select custom tab.
  • This will display your custom template which is saved in the site template gallery.
  • Save the appropriate template and create your site.

The above procedure will work if you want to create a sub site under a main site. But if you want to create a parent site in central admin which will use a site template, we have to install the site template. In this case follow these steps.

  • After saving site as template, go to site template gallery and store the template in a local file system.
  • Use the following stsadm command to install the template. stsadm.exe -o addtemplate -filename filename -title “friendly name” -description “description”.
  • Now follow the normal steps of creating a site where in template selection select the custom tab and the template that you installed.

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