Changing the Task list for SharePoint Designer Workflows

By default, SharePoint designer will automatically select an existing Task list ( The one created along with the template) or create a new one if a suitable Task list does not exist. To change the Task list used follow these steps. Create a new Task list using Site Actions + Create. Find the Id (Guid)... Continue Reading →


Sharepoint Designer Workflow Stopped

SharePoint Designer created workflow will stop before the Send Email action. This may only happen for certain users, therefore, making the issue seem to happen intermittently. This will show the workflow status as Stopped. Cause Send Email action has SharePoint group(s) and/or workflow lookups in the To / Cc line. Workaround Make sure each SharePoint... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Designer workflow does not start automatically

When you create a workflow for a list or document library using SharePoint designer, you may find the workflow doesn't start automatically. When you check the new item that you have created,  it will not have any workflow associated with it. This scenario will rise after you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 1... Continue Reading →

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