Remove Column Headers from Web Part

Whenever you try to add a List view web by Edit Page -> Add New Webpart it will display the label without the column headers. But in case if you add the same webpart using a SharePoint designer it will display the webpart with the column headers.In the above picture you can notice the title... Continue Reading →


Remove "Download a copy" Link

To remove the 'Download a copy' link for the Document library items, go to your 12 hive\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033 folder. Open up the Core.js file. Find the function AddSendSubMenu. Go to the last 3 lines:strAction = "STSNavigate('" + ctx.HttpRoot + "/_layouts/download.aspx?" + "SourceUrl=" + currentItemEscapedFileUrl + "&Source=" + GetSource() + "&FldUrl=" + escapeProperly(ctx.SendToLocationUrl) + "')"; ;menuOption =... Continue Reading →

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