Hide empty columns in DispForm & EditForm – Javascript

Have you ever tried to hide the columns that are empty in a display form or Edit form. you don't need to develop a custom page for this. A simple jQuery will do. Here is the code. <script type="text/javascript" src="/Chanakya/Scripts/jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $("td.ms-formbody").each(function(){ // Trim off all white spaces var val = $(this).text().replace(/\s|\xA0/g,''); // Check... Continue Reading →


Redirect from default form to custom form

Whenever you create a custom form for a list, we always go for creating a Custom List form in SharePoint designer. Of course using this method, you will get the querystring values what you get in the default forms. But what if you want to add more querystring parameters to your custom form page? One way is... Continue Reading →

This form was customized not working with attachment – Sharepoint Custom List Form

We normally use SharePoint Designer to edit the default forms of a list and add a Custom List form web part in the SharePoint site. This will work fine. But when we try to add an attachment, by clicking Attach File in the custom form you will receive this error message "This form was customized... Continue Reading →

Creating a custom Sharepoint list form

Relpacing the default forms (NewForm, EditForm, DispForm) of a SharePoint list is essential when ever you want the form to be customized using ASP.net to provide additional functionality. So how to do it. Its simple with the use of SharePoint Designer. Follow these simple steps. Open the site in the SharePoint designer. In the lists folder navigate to the list you... Continue Reading →

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