Microsoft Hub Sites Release date

SharePoint Hub Sites allows you to associate multiple team sites & communication sites together to bring it in a single view. Hub sites can also aggregate content from the its associated sites like aggregating news/events.

Microsoft has released an official message about the release of Hub sites in SharePoint online/O365 on March 8, 2018. We can see hub sites rolled out starting late March & complete by mid-May.

After a hub site is created using a template type, admin-approved site owners can associate existing team sites and communication sites to the hub site. One good news is you can convert your existing modern team or communication site to a Hub site by running a powershelgl command. The command looks something like

Register -SPOHubSites 

The documentation for the command is yet to be made available by Microsoft.

This is a new feature release and hence this will not affect any of your existing implementations.


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