Copying SharePoint Designer Workflows

Whenever you save a list as a template & use it somewhere else, the designer workflow you have associated with the old list will not be restored.  There is no option OOB to copy/move a workflow. But luckily this can be done through the SharePoint Designer. Here below two files play a major role,

The .xoml.wfconfig.xml file contains information on the list the workflow is bound to using the List’s ID.
The file .xoml.rules contains the ‘conditions’ you program for the workflow and the “.xoml” file contains the ‘actions’.

To re-use a workflow you have created in one list(Say List A) in another list(Say List B):

  1. Create a new workflow on the new list(B).
  2. Create at least one step, one condition and one action in this workflow. This ensures that the two files above discussed are created.
  3. From the original workflow(in List A) open the .xoml file as XML and copy the entire contents to the clipboard.
  4. Open the .xoml file for the new workflow and replace the entire contents with the content you have copied in the step 3.
  5. Do the same for the xoml.rules file too.
  6. Now open the .xoml file for the new workflow & verify the workflow. Ensure the workflow is correct by clicking Check Workflow.

You are done 🙂


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