SharePoint Anonymous access users gets Server Out Of Memory – There is no memory on the server to run your program / An unexpected error occured on item adding

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Errors

There are various reasons this error might come up. In my case I ended up with this error when i tried to add an item in to a list in a site which has Anonymous access enabled.

I just got an error “Unexpected error occured” & the browser stayed in the newform.aspx page. But when I checked the list new item is being created in the list.

So there is no issue with the permissions. And I came to know that “Anonymous users cannot start a workflow or an event handler“.

Then I noticed there was a feature which I have written for a custom list. I deactivated that and it worked well..

PS : But still there must be a way to start a workflow/event handler by an anonymous user. If any one find so, Please post.

  1. Anu Khanna says:

    Nice post… keep it up

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