Get the users and group details having permissions on a list/listitem using RoleAssignments

This post explains how you can fins the list of users who are having permissions to a particular list or a list item. Also in case if a group is directly assigned permissions we can loop through the group to find each users of that group too. We can access the permission details of a... Continue Reading →


Customizing SharePoint alert emails using IAlertNotifyHandler

Please note this is a post by Albert Meerscheidt in msdn blogs.  I am copying this as is just not to miss this wonderful post in future. Problem: There are issues with particular field names like ItemName which will be truncated in an alert email at 70 characters. There can also be situations where you want... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Anonymous access users gets Server Out Of Memory – There is no memory on the server to run your program / An unexpected error occured on item adding

There are various reasons this error might come up. In my case I ended up with this error when i tried to add an item in to a list in a site which has Anonymous access enabled. I just got an error "Unexpected error occured" & the browser stayed in the newform.aspx page. But when I... Continue Reading →

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