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Find below the links for training videos for SharePoint 2010 enterprise search

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Training for IT Professionals

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Training for developers


Download the free themes for your SharePoint sites released by Microsoft.

This contains 10 themes which when installed ,you can use by selecting the appropriate theme from Site settings->Site Themes page of your site.

Download it from here

While trying to customize the New/Edit/Display forms in a custom list using SharePoint designer, you may encounter any of the following errors

The solution for each of the above issue is given in the below support document.;en-us;953271&sd=rss&spid=11373

Some times while solving one error you will end up with the other one. So follow the step provided for the new error you face.

Cannot convert type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.DelegateControl’ to ‘System.Web.UI.IAttributeAccessor’

This error mostly happens when you try to edit the master page.

To fix it

  • open the master page in notepad
  • You’ll see a big chunk of html code that is commented out.
  • Mostly this will be at the end of the page after </html> tag.
  • Delete that chunk of data. The master page will work properly again.

Now check your page in browser which is error free.