Images not dispalying in SharePoint sites + File not found error

Suddenly one of the site collection in our farm was not displaying any of the images in the site which were contained in the document libraries. When tried accessing the image directly got the error “File Not Found”. But when I checked in the particular document library all the images are available.

To find out what actually the error is, I enabled the stacktrace logs & i got an error “file not found at C:\BlobCache”. Here “BlobCache” is the folder which is used to store the temp cache files by your site collection. The images were not available in this cache. Also I found out clearing this cache will solve my problem.

To do so go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Object Cache Settings

In Disk Based Cache Reset section enable Force this server to reset its disk based cache check box and click OK. Now the images will appear properly.

If you still face the problem clear your browser cache, close all the browser windows and open the site again.


2 thoughts on “Images not dispalying in SharePoint sites + File not found error

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  1. Hi,

    I am facing the same issue. Not a single image on my SharePoint is getting displayed.
    When I select “Show Picture” by right clicking on the image it show me that image.

    I tried the option you provided in the above blog, BlobCache settings… but its not working.

    Please tell me what is going wrong in my case. Need your kind help.


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