People Picker values not displaying properly in DispForm while using Custom List Form

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Custom Form, Errors, Sharepoint Designer

I have tried  customizing the DispForm.aspx and once I view the form in browser i found the people editor values are not displaying properly. Instead some HTML code was displayed.And this happened only for the people editor controls where I have allowed multiple selection.

When I opened the form in the designer I found the XSL code for the particular people editor showed

<xsl:value-of select=”@Team_x0020_Members”/>

I have added another parameter disable-output-escaping=”yes” to that line. No my code read as

<xsl:value-of select=”@Team_x0020_Members” disable-output-escaping=”yes”/>

That have done the magic.

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey…I’m having the same issue, and I’m currently new in sharepoint, so could you please briefly explain how to open the form in designer so I can modify the XSL code??

    Thank you!!

  2. Mike says:

    Hey, thank you! Helped a lot! 🙂

  3. Brad says:

    Your my best friend. This problem was driving me crazy. 🙂

  4. Jonathan says:


  5. Pawan says:

    Thanks man!! you are a life saver

  6. Cheryl says:

    Thank you!!

  7. Teera says:

    Thank you, that work for met. You save my time.

  8. Phil Shakespeare says:

    Thank you, very much appreciated.

  9. belinda says:

    similar issue but instead i have lookup fields in the library that lookup a field in a list. when i customized the Display.aspx form (for the library) the field displays like this:


    the value 1 for the above should display as hyperlink to the list item

  10. belinda says:

    interesting in my first post, the HTML code actually displayed the 1 in a link format but in Sharepoint it displays the HTML code…’s the code again but i had make changes so that it doesn’t come up with the actual link. (i put a space after the first = sign)


  11. belinda says:

    Oh for crying out loud! For a document library, I hid the display.aspx form (in Designer) and created a new form. Two of those columns are lookup columns that retrieve values from a list in the same site.

    In “View Item” the link value is displaying the html 1 rather than the actual link. If I set Format item to Text, it still displays the same thing.

    Help is appreciated. Thank you.

  12. Alexandre Barbus says:

    Thanks for this tips !

  13. karthik cs says:

    thanks fr de post ji

  14. Reindert says:

    Thanks! Saved me some time!!

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