Javascript to close window without confirmation

To close a window using JavaScript we normally use window.close(); In this case you will get a confirmation pop-up pop up with OK & Cancel button. If you want to close the window without the confirmation pop-up, you can use the below code'', '_parent', ''); window.close();


Site Collection Quotas and Locks

Quotas and locks are two ways of controlling access to site collections. Using locks, you can manually prevent user access. Using quotas, you can prevent users from adding content to a site collection or you can send e-mail warnings to the site collection administrator when specified disk space thresholds (in megabytes [MB]) are exceeded. ... Continue Reading →

SharePoint usage reports using object model

To get the usage details of the site we use the method site.GetUsage(SPUsageReportType , SPUsagePeriodType ). SPUsageReportType Enumeration The SPUsageReportType enumeration specifies the type of information returned in a usage report for a SharePoint site. The following table shows the members of the SPUsageReportType enumeration and a brief description Name Description browser The type of... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Designer workflow does not start automatically

When you create a workflow for a list or document library using SharePoint designer, you may find the workflow doesn't start automatically. When you check the new item that you have created,  it will not have any workflow associated with it. This scenario will rise after you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 1... Continue Reading →

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