Creating a custom Sharepoint list form

Relpacing the default forms (NewForm, EditForm, DispForm) of a SharePoint list is essential when ever you want the form to be customized using to provide additional functionality. So how to do it. Its simple with the use of SharePoint Designer. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the site in the SharePoint designer.
  2. In the lists folder navigate to the list you want to add the custom form.
  3. Copy the form(NewForm/EditForm/DispForm) and paste it in the same folder.
  4. Rename it to something like CustForm.aspx.
  5. Now open the file, in the default  DataView Webpart find this tags <IsVisible>true</IsVisible>
  6. Make the value to false which will hide that webpart.
  7. Now add a Custom List  Form or a webpart that you need in the page.
  8. Now we have to replace this custom page as our list’s default page.
  9. In the Folder List navigation panel, right click the list and go to Properties.
  10. In Supporting Files tab in Content type specific forms drop down select the appropriate content type for your list.
  11. And here you can change the default form by browsing to the custom  form we have created.

This seems involving little more steps than like creating a webpart page and deploying a webpart instead. But the advantage is that the query string values which we get in the default forms (NewForm/EditForm/DispForm) will available in this form also. Also the behaviour of the list where the edit item, display item and new item links in the list work as it is.


3 thoughts on “Creating a custom Sharepoint list form

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  1. Hey Chanakya ,

    How do i add two webparts in a page, I need few fields to be visible only for admins. As you said we can do audience targetting , i wanted to know how can we insert two webparts and insert two forms.

    Thanks for your help.

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