Sharepoint 2010 is no more MOSS

You could have noticed that Sharepoint 2010 is Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and not MOSS 2010.

What happened to the Office piece of the name? We love MOSS. . . .

The first thing you’ll notice is that the MOSS acronym goes away with the new name since Office is no longer in the SharePoint official name. No one should worry that SharePoint doesn’t work great with Office 2010 since Office is removed from the name, just like people didn’t worry whether SharePoint was a great portal product when Portal was removed from the 2007 name.

The primary reason why Office was removed out of the name is : lots of folks associate the name Office with the Office client. Microsoft wanted to reestablish the Office name and brand to be synonymous with the client suite.

Don’t try to acronym Microsoft SharePoint Server to MSS since MSS is already taken by Microsoft Search Server. Just remember, SharePoint is SharePoint is SharePoint..

More details here


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