Adding a link to a page using the Querystring content in javascript

Below is the code to create a link in a page which includes some value from the querystring of the current page.

var qsParm = new Array();
function qs()
     var query =;
     var parms = query.split('&');
     for (var i=0; i<parms.length; i++)

         var pos = parms[i].indexOf('=');
         if (pos > 0)

             var key = parms[i].substring(0,pos);

             var val = parms[i].substring(pos+1);
             qsParm[key] = val;
qsParm['ID'] = null;
var addressTr= "Technical%20View.aspx?ID=" +  qsParm['ID'] ;
document.write('<a target="_self" href="' + addressTr + '">Technical View</a>');


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