“Invalid page URL” New Item in sharepoint

Suppose you use Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer to customize the NewForm.aspx page of a list in SharePoint, you connect to the list by using a Web browser.You may face any of the following issues. You click New to create a new item in the list. In this scenario, you may get the following error message... Continue Reading →


This form was customized not working with attachment – Sharepoint Custom List Form

We normally use SharePoint Designer to edit the default forms of a list and add a Custom List form web part in the SharePoint site. This will work fine. But when we try to add an attachment, by clicking Attach File in the custom form you will receive this error message "This form was customized... Continue Reading →

Creating a custom Sharepoint list form

Relpacing the default forms (NewForm, EditForm, DispForm) of a SharePoint list is essential when ever you want the form to be customized using ASP.net to provide additional functionality. So how to do it. Its simple with the use of SharePoint Designer. Follow these simple steps. Open the site in the SharePoint designer. In the lists folder navigate to the list you... Continue Reading →

List all SharePoint site collections and sub sites recursively

As a SharePoint developer or an administrator first thing that comes into our mind when we think of getting the list of site collection and subsites will be using stsadm command line utility.  You can use the command stsadm.exe -o enumsites -url <root url> to get the list  of site collections and stsadm.exe -o enumsubwebs -url... Continue Reading →

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