Creating a SQL Server Reporting Services Report from a SharePoint List

You can use SharePoint lists as a datasource not through the database but via the SharePoint web services. The SharePoint web services can be found in the _vti_bin directory of each SharePoint web application and the web service you want to interrogate to get at Lists is called lists.asmx. Here is how you do it.... Continue Reading →



I have already created a post oncreating a toolpart. There is a more simpler way to provide a toolpart and to read values from it. You just need to do two things Create a property of the required type. access that property same as a normal variable. For Example in the below code I am... Continue Reading →

TemplateID for different sharepoint lists

If you want to create an event handler for a list in sharepoint you need the template Id of that particular list. Here are the list of Id'sGenericList 100DocumentLibrary 101Survey 102Links 103Announcements 104Contacts 105Events 106Tasks 107DiscussionBoard 108PictureLibrary 109DataSources 110WebTemplateCatalog 111UserInformation 112WebPartCatalog 113ListTemplateCatalog 114XMLForm 115MasterPageCatalog 116NoCodeWorkflows 117WorkflowProcess 118WebPageLibrary 119CustomGrid 120DataConnectionLibrary 130WorkflowHistory 140GanttTasks 150Meetings 200Agenda 201MeetingUser 202Decision... Continue Reading →

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