Audience Targeting

By using target audiences, you can display content such as list or library items, navigation links, and entire web part to specific groups of people. This is useful when you want to present information that is relevant only to a particular group of people.Any item in a SharePoint list or library can be targeted to... Continue Reading →


The security validation for this page is invalid – Turning it off

You will get this error whenever you try to update a list item. "The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Webbrowser, refresh the page, and try your operation again." The solution will be working fine. And if you try running the same application after some time it will give the... Continue Reading →

Quiescing the Server Farm

This is a feature in MOSS that enables you to gradually shut down the farm for maintenance. This feature is called "Quiescing"Quiescing is the process of gradually bringing long-running applications of a resource offline without incurring data loss. It has been introduced in Microsoft Office servers for 2007."So if you need to perform maintenance on... Continue Reading →

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