Sharepoint Installation Steps

Installation Steps and Pre-requisite: SharePoint Portal Server 2007
SharePoint Portal Server 2007 installation is not straight forward and there are steps that need to follow to do the proper installation and configuration. There is a list of pre-requisite that should be considered before installing SharePoint Portal Server 2007.
Yesterday, I installed and configured SharePoint Portal Server 2007 on Virtual PC, It all goes fine without any much difficulty. I am summarizing each step, so you guys can follow it and I am open to receive any comment or suggestion, if you point out any changes in the installation guide or any suggestion or any problem that you face according to your scenario.
The following steps are especially written for Single Box installation, but it should work with small server farm scenario as well.

Pre-Installation Guide
There are several things that you should install and configure prior to SharePoint Portal Server 2007.
Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack with all latest windows update
IIS 6.0 with ASP.NET Component Enabled
Disk Partition should be NTFS (SPS installation does not support FAT partition)
Install SQL Server 2000 SP4 or SQL Server 2005 (Typical Installation)
Create a domain account that you will use to logged in and installed SharePoint Portal Server 2007
Add domain account as local administrator on Virtual Machine
Use the same account for application pool identity, SharePoint Administrator, Index Crawler Account etc
Assign domain user to DB creator, sysadmin and security admin rights on SQL Server
Join Virtual Machine to a domain controller.
Install Windows Workflow Foundation
You can download it from:

SharePoint Portal Server 2007 Installation Steps
You are now ready for SharePoint Portal Server 2007 beta 2 installations. Follow the following steps:
Insert SharePoint Portal Server 2007 Beta 2 CD (if you have ISO Image, then make CD First)
First step, it will ask you to enter CD Key and license agreement
In the next screen choose Advanced as it Basic installation will install MSDE version of SQL Server
On next screen, installation program will give warning that it will stop services mostly related to IIS, click Yes to proceed.
Next screen, you will be asked to create farm configuration, select No, I want to create new server farm
Next screen, provide database server name and database account details (DOMAIN\USERNAME)
Leave database name as default. Click “Next”
Next screen you will see the summary screen, click Next to start the installation.
Installation step can take around 30 to 45 minutes to install SharePoint Portal Server depending on the VM configuration and RAM
In the end, you will get a screen, click Finish to end installation.

Common Issues:
Install error: This product requires web server extensions to be enabled in Internet Information Services (IIS). Enable this setting and re-run setup.
Resolution: Run aspnet_regiis -i on command prompt


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